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The population of Globe is 7,348. The median age is 44 - with 4.8% of residents under the age of 5, 81.2% over the age of 18, and 21.3% are 65 or older.

Source: U.S. Census


Globe has a semi-arid climate, characterized by hot summers and moderate to warm winters.

July is the hottest month, with highs averaging 96ºF while January is the coolest month with lows averaging 31ºF. Globe sits at an elevation of 3,510 feet.



Situated in the heart of Arizona, Globe is 87 miles East of Phoenix and 106 miles North of Tucson. Globe is located in Southern Gila County, Arizona, and also serves as the county seat.


For more details on local government and programs in the City of Globe - from departments to districts to committees and contact information - visit their website! You can virtually attend city council meetings, pay your water bill online, download administration forms, and much more.

the history of Globe

Globe, Arizona was founded as a mining town in 1876. Before its current incorporation in 1907, the city was incorporated twice prior. The name Globe is said to have come from a globe shaped nugget of pure silver found nearby. Although silver started the population boom, copper proved more abundant and led to the growth of the community. Due to its attractive location for distribution of mining products and ample supply of water, infrastructure and commerce were added to support mining activities. But mining came to a halt in the Globe District proper when the Old Dominion Mine flooded in the 1920's, evolving the city into support businesses for the mines, as well as the major housing center in Cobre Valley. 

Today, the economic base remains mining and ranching, with more than 20 percent of the employment in Globe and Miami being related to mining and production of copper. Over half of Gila County's sizable manufacturing sector employment is in copper smelting, refining or rod production. In the area there are four copper mines, several concentrators, a smelter and a rod mill. All of Gila County is designated Enterprise Zone.

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